About the two different types of OCSL_LayerMaker

OCSL_LayerMaker is available in two fundamental types:

  • Windows Form Application (Desktop Exe Application)
  • AutoCAD App Store Plugin

Windows Form Application (Desktop Exe Application)

The windows form application is a separate external application (.EXE) that is started using a desktop shortcut. It can be started without AutoCAD but to create a layers it needs to finds the current open version of AutoCAD and pass scripts to the AutoCAD Command line..

This version of the OCSL_Layermaker is compatible with AutoCAD LT as well as the full version of AutoCAD from version 2008 to the current version.

The Layer Standard can be configured via the Options button on the Layer Form in the bottom left corner.

AutoCAD App Store (Plugin)

This version is an Autodesk AutoCAD Plugin and can be found on the Autodesk Exchange store. It works inside the Full version of AutoCAD from version 2014 to 2017 with AutoCAD or any of the AutoCAD Verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture, Civil 3D etc...

This version creates an AutoCAD command "OCSL_LayerMaker" and can also be accessed via the Ribbon "AddIns" Tab.

The Layer Standard to be used is configured via the AutoCAD Options command and selecting The OCSL_LayerMaker Tab.


A 30 Day FREE TRIAL is available for both versions.

After that an annual license will need to be purchased. Any purchased License file has been configured to work for both types of the tool, the Windows Application ExE and the AutoCAD Plugin to allow both tools to be used on the same workstation or Network where different versions of AutoCAD co-exist.

The License file is valid for one year from the date of issue and works with all valid versions of AutoCAD.