OCSL_LayerMaker (AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT 2009 / 2017)

OCSL LayerMaker is an application for use with AutoCAD or AutoCAD base products including AutoCAD Lt (from 2009 to 2017 versions). It has been developed by Oakley CAD Services Ltd for creating AutoCAD Layers based upon a Webhosted Layer format presently available using data based upon the following standards:-

(Click on the links above for each standard for Further information).


Which Version of OCSL_LayerMaker?

OCSL_LayerMaker is available in two fundamental types:

  • Windows Form Application (Seperate EXE)
  • AutoCAD Application (AutoCAD plugin from App store)


Select the Link to Download the 30 Day FREE Trial for either:

1). Autodesk App Store Version DOWNLOAD

2)  AutoCAD LT / Seperate EXE Version Download

This software is limited as a 30 day trial license which after which the software must be purchased from this website if you wish to carry on using it.